Monday, June 17, 2013

More to Come

Okay, I finished ten chapters of the Queen's Yeoman in ten weeks. It was challenging, but it was also very fun. I have reached out to David Cassidy (@DavidCCassidy) to do my cover for this novella. I am in the queue and while I wait, I decided that I would go ahead and write the next story for Saundra and her friends. This tale is from a time later in her life. She is older and at odds with the dragon again. I'm really looking forward to sharing these next chapters with you. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. When the last chapters are complete and the cover is ready, I will release them all in a printed and e-book version.

Now, let's have some more fun. See you in a week with the beginning of the next installment. Come back to see where Saundra's life takes her and what happens to the new kingdom she and her sister created together with their friends. 

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