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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Legacy of Dragons:Emergence - Now Available at CreateSpace

T.D. Raufson Introduces what happened to dragons in Legacy of Dragons: Emergence  
Author T.D. Raufson of Chattanooga, Tennessee pulls the covers back on why dragons disappeared 1500 years ago and what happens when they come back in the first book of his new Legacy of Magic series. 

In the first book, Legacy of Dragons: Emergence, he introduces the Schwendemann family and their new matriarch, confused, twenty-something Melissa. Along with her inheritance of the family manor she also inherited the responsibility for the secret of the dragons’ disappearance.

As it becomes quickly clear that Melissa is not prepared for her new responsibility, an even more critical problem emerges when the dragons return. To avert an ancient war, she has to figure out why dragons were originally imprisoned before they take their revenge on who they believe tricked them—the entire human race.

Raufson drew on his love of fantasy, magic and dragons to create an interesting view into the lives of dragons and ultimately the Legacy of Magic in our modern world.

In this debut novel, Raufson introduces a broad new world that is superimposed on the world we know with a history that is an interesting what if.   

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