Monday, April 1, 2013

New stories coming soon

I've decided to try to write a younger voice and a slightly different style as an exercise. I'm going to write a children's story about magic and imagination. Although I'm going to play among the standard character types you can expect some surprises. As I complete the chapter's I'll share them. I'm not sure if I'm going to release them as part of this blog or create a separate blog. When I decide, I'll let you know.

Anyway, I want to write this story from a third person subjective point of view, but as a narrator who provides needed information in a story telling style. Since the main character will be twelve, the narrator will provide information that the main character would not provide, but I want to keep a story telling feel to it as if the narrator is talking to the reader. I think it will work well with the characters and story I have in mind.

This idea came from spending time with my "niece" last week. She is not the inspiration for the character, but she is the inspiration for the story. While waiting for an event to start we were talking about story telling and how characters are challenged. She, at her young age, believed that characters should be cared for and taken care of. As I have learned, characters in any story suffer; otherwise, the reader, even a young one, will loose interest in the story. We talked about a few story ideas and from the quick brainstorm she provided I have the foundation for what I hope will be a fun, challenging and entertaining tale.

I hope to have the first chapter completed this week, but I am going to give her the first read to see what she thinks. Look for the first chapter of my up coming children's book here or nearby soon.