Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Coming Soon - Legacy of Dragons: Emergence

The pages are uploaded, the cover is submitted and the final proof is on the way. In the next few days I will finally complete a journey I have been on for a few years and start the next leg. I am looking forward to sharing this story with you and several more to come in this series.

The characters I have highlighted in the sketches here are only a few of the characters in this wonderful novel. Ordering information for both the print and e-book will be available here shortly.

From the back cover -
1500 years ago dragons vanished from the earth and became legend along with all other magical creatures. At the same time magic vanished and the world descended into the dark ages. Melissa Schwendemann, a young college student who just inherited her grandmother’s estate inadvertently uncovers the ancient secret of what happened to the dragons by releasing them from their fifteen hundred year old prison.

Now she has to figure out the real question; why were they imprisoned… before they take their vengeance out on who they think imprisoned them—the human race.   

While you wait for the final release announcement, please enjoy the beautiful cover art by Rio Sirah, Lynn Cole of Lynn Cole Body Art, Grace Moss of Bohdi Tree Photography and Jessica Moss.

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